About me. Boring stuff.

My name is bojster. I've got several other names (given me by different people), such as Przemek and malage, which are the most popular ones. Recently I'm known as Vegan more often (I can't figure out why ;). As one can easy guess, I am male homo sapiens. Nobody really cares for the age (do you? ;), so it will be enough to say that I possess a young and quite attractive body (as shown on photos included... or not). I was born in Biala Podlaska, in the middle-east of Poland, but I moved out some time ago. I am vegan (for more info refer to vegan-related sites, I'm not keen on explaining purposes or reasons to anyone). As for everyday stuff, I study on Maria Curie-Sklodowska's University in Lublin, on geographic faculty. Besides (or - sometimes - instead) of that, I hang on IRC, explore the net and my own resources, listen to Pink Floyd (well, not only to it ;), read books (mainly fantasy, science-fiction and horror). My other hobbies include: postal stamps collecting, studies on psychopathological cases (in real life, not book examples), lexical and etymological analysis of different languages and some other nasty, dirty, fishy things I won't mention here. During summer holidays I hit the road in search for adventure. ;) Sometimes I travel alone, sometimes with a companion (female companion, I must say ;), but I have to travel. I'm addicted.
Errr... I have to go. See you on the route ;)

Go away, I don't like you anymore...