Last updated: 01.12.2002 (comments added on 21.08.2005)

By the means of introduction...

Yes, well, if you were looking for bojster's homepage, it is right here. Enjoy... or not.
One day I said to myself: "Okay, I'll do it once and for good". And so I did. Effects are as you can see. Keep in mind that the only things you can find here, are those somehow related to me. If you find it interesting, feel free to explore this modest site. Personally I don't pay much attention to homepages, so it's ok with me if you just leave bored. ;-)

For those who decided to stay, here are the contents:

Some words about me - outdated
Some of my poems - nothing more is coming here any time soon
Hitch-hiking - outdated
Links - nothing really interesting here, probably also outdated

How to contact me - updated

PS. Okay, so the site isn't very attractive - no special effects, no animations, no head-blowing gfx. Well, I am not very talented in this direction, so I wasn't able to provide site with this stuff. Anyway, there are many beautiful sites on the web and I have no chances in competition with them, so I decided not to even try and the best thing you can find here are the texst. If you don't like it, I can't help it.

PS.2. OK, OK, so I'm lazy, but that's not the point ;)

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