Who are you anyway?
Did you ever wonder?
Did you ever ask yourself
this simple question?
Where is this
Who is this
Is it only delusion?
Or is it your mask?
of the lost youth?
Is it too late?
Or has it always been
too late?
Questions, questions...
No time for that.
Go on,
kill me if you need to.
Kill these last memories
of former You.
Go on,
hate me
just because
i stayed on a bank
while you swam
with the river
of change...
Go on,
march with them,
among empty faces
of hate.
You think you lead them,
you think they listen to you...
but no.
They just listen to
what they want to hear.
Tell them to hate
and they will.
Tell them to love
and they won't.
Who's the leader,
who's the slave?
Questions, questions...
But now i know.
Go on,
it's so simple
to walk the neverending road.
You don't have to worry
what's in the end,
you won't reach it anyway.
The point is just to walk
and make the others
walk with you.
Go on,
march your road
like lemmings,
straight to hell.
I'll wait there
for you.
Go on,
kill me now.